Logstash filter tester

A simple way to test your Logstash's configurations files

Examples and templates

If you need to add some extra Logstash patterns for your parsing, you can add them here !

Input extra attributes:

If you need to add some extra fields in the input of the configuration file, such as the type, pilote, filepath, etc.


You can copy/paste here your logs. You don't need to have lots of them, only keep representative logs of your formats. You should not have more than about 100 lines of logs.


Logstash filter:

Here is the place where you can create your Logstash filter.


Logstash version

Logstash output:



If you want to filter the result


X on Y events displayed

If you want to limit the number of events displayed

The data process by Logstash will be displayed here.

The Logstash output will be shown here !